Gilded Gown

Jacqui Wadsworth, owner of The Gilded Gown has parlayed her love of all things bridal into a wonderful, thriving business. The Gilded Gown has been serving her clients beautiful gowns and stunning accessories for more than a decade. With a generous helping of southern hospitality and a spunky atmosphere of fun, her boutique has become a shopping destination for brides in a seven-state region.


The Gilded Gown runs on the underlying theme of “YES!” Here, though the yes is not just about the dress. Here it is YES to diversity, YES to a size inclusive selection, YES to options for all brides (even those on a tight budget), YES to joyfulness, YES to making all feel part of the family, YES to love. But commemorating those happy yes moments with brides and their parties is something The Gilded Gown exuberantly elevates to a whole new level.


Jacqui runs The Gilded Gown with the help of her close-knit family. Daughter Grace Alexander and sister Elizabeth Ethridge work side by side with her to run the large operation. Together they pack a powerhouse punch. Jacqui likes to say she is the soul of the store, Grace is the brain and Elizabeth is the heart. They share a vision of celebrating each and every bride and a never miss an opportunity to say “cheers to the best day ever!”


This past year Jacqui took a giant step forward. She took a chance and moved her beautiful bridal boutique to a new location. Along with her team she then renovated and expanded the new space into a 13,000+ square foot bridal showplace. With plenty of space for all the dresses and accessories anyone could ever dream of. And room for all the happy celebrations.


The Gilded Gown features an extensive selection of beautiful bridal gowns as well hundreds of formal gowns. With 21 dressings rooms there is ample room for every bride (and her party) to enjoy a lifetime celebration. Combined with a mission to provide a caring, joyful environment, a bountiful selection of all sizes (from 000-32), styles and price points The Gilded Gown offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to their clients.


The shop features a lavish array of bridal accessories, including veils, jewelry, and sashes. One of Jacqui’s favorite things to do is source handmade hero pieces and other “bling” at bridal markets. She gets a huge dose of “sparkle head” on her buying trips.


July is the very, very best time of year for brides at The Gilded Gown in Knoxville, Tennessee. Why? Because their 4th annual National Bridal Sale Event is coming soon. The Gilded Gown will be celebrating this year’s event with a festive outdoor Kick-Off Celebration on July 18, 2020. Even better, they are extending the sale for an ENTIRE month. NBSE will go from July 18th through August 20th.


Every bride loves to get a great deal on their dream dress. And at The Gilded Gown they will have the perfect opportunity to save. There will be huge markdowns on so many dresses! In fact: Every single dress will be marked down!!! Even better? All accessories are Half-Off too!!!