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Thanks for stopping by!  You will find everything you are looking for in our store that is dedicated to the beautiful and timeless wedding dress fashions of the season. Browse through our large and diverse selection of wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses hand picked by the owners of Normans Bridal. Our selection includes sizes 4-32 in styles as different as each of our brides. Some of our favorite looks for the season include long sleeve wedding dresses, Boho wedding dresses, summer wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, vintage and lace wedding dresses and so many more.

Normans Bridal is the home of the largest selection in Springfield, with hundreds of wedding dresses to choose from in a stylish and distinguished setting. We have many styles including long sleeve wedding dresses, boho and bohemian dresses, romantic lace wedding dresses, traditional off the shoulder dresses, beach wedding dresses and many more. At Normans Bridal each bride is important and given a personal bridal stylist as well as a personal viewing mirror and an extended appointment time of 1.5 hours. Our bridal stylists are highly trained with years of experience to help you and your guests create your perfect bridal vision. At Normans Bridal you will find beautifully created dresses in a range of prices starting at $950-$4500. The majority of our dresses are between $1400-$2200. We stock sizes 4-32 so every bride has the opportunity to try on. Are you getting excited yet? Check out our upcoming events and be sure to book an appointment!

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